Female Hormones, Fertility & Methylation

The Secret to Properly Testing Hormones

This month I have been interviewed for a few different summits and podcasts, all on the topic of hormone balance. One of the main […]

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Baby’s Microbiome Before Birth

There has been plenty of research about the microbiome and vaginal birth.  No doubt, if you just google it and you will be flooded with […]

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Nursing the Microbiome

We have come a long way in the US, where only a couple generations ago, new mothers were not encouraged to breast feed their babies. […]

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3 Ways to Optimize Your Vitamin D

Vitamin D can only be obtained from three sources:  the Sun (Ultraviolet Light), Food, and Supplements Since each person’s vitamin D is affected differently by […]

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Pumpkin, sunflower, flax, sesame seeds in yin/yang circle

Seed Cycling: The Simplest Tool For Optimal Hormone Balance

As a specialist in women’s health, I have supported hundreds of mamas in getting pregnant naturally and enjoying a pleasant postpartum, and it all starts […]

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